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I am Océane, a French student in Graphic Design specialised in ecological design. I was here in Finland for three months for an internship in Mainostoimisto Aada. It was a great experience! With this patch, "Bear please" I wanted to represent my vision of Finland (and what I will remember of this trip is that beer matter so much in Finnish life!). I am so glad I had the opportunity to make this patch for students, it's as if I left a mark of my time here in Finland for everyone to see. If you like the patch, you can find more of my work at http://oboquetdelepine.wixsite.com/design and https://www.behance.net/oboquetdele436 or contact me: o.boquet.delepine@gmail.com. See you soon!"

Digipainettu komea haalarimerkki. Koko 8cm.

Merkin on suunniteluut ranskalainen vaihto-opiskelija Océane Boquet.

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